Hello Neighbors. Welcome to Pranavah Yoga Website Launch!

This is the launch of our much anticipated website. We’re so excited to share this moment with you! It’s been a long time coming.

We were homeless for a while, intensely looking for a place to call home, but then we tried another method: doing nothing. And after a little while of doing nothing, doing less, our home found us…. As it happened,  that home too slipped though our fingers, so we’re back to the drawing board. Fear not, the right home will come to us and we’ll be able to share with you all the wonderful styles and instructors we know of yoga. There’s so much love, knowledge, techniques to share with you, our studio home will certainly present itself to us.

This brings me to the theme of doing nothing and being passive. In most of our yoga classes, and in life, we’re doing something. In most classes we work hard: we sweat a lot, fall down a little, laugh a lot, to ourselves and with others, find a few moments for rest and renewal, and then we’re off to work again. We work as builders, bankers, sign makers, designers, doctors, actors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, moms and dads, problem solvers, the list goes on and on. While we’re acting in the world, trying to create and fulfill the possibilities of everything we can imagine, we rarely take a few moments to do nothing.

It has been said, shavasana is the most important of all asanas. It’s the time, after an intense work out, your body & mind re-calibrates the energy within and without: in your body and the space and atmosphere around you. It’s your reset button to help you realign yourself, within yourself and within the world. It is an opportunity to tune in with energy of Nature. There is a rhythm and energy in Nature, if you stop and listen, you can hear it, feel it, and become apart if it. You are apart of it whether you are connected or not, but why not connect and become closer to who you really are?

In life, it’s precisely in these moments of quietude and an empty mind, that your mind is most clear and creative. Sometimes it’s the moment you receive the much anticipated phone call.

Check out and learn to explore these moments of hard work, medium work or effortless effort, followed by precious moments of quietude and an empty mind. We will teach you all you need to know to find peace and happiness… if your receptive and available. Please come visit us, your new neighbors at Pranavah Yoga Studio the moment we open. We promise to make you work hard, sweat a lot, but also how to be quiet and still in a way that will lead you to moments of total relaxation. Our yoga will take you out of your head and into your body. It will bring you a sound mind, deep sleep and help you to engage your heart. All the physical yoga techniques you will learn, will help you to become still, and enjoy that stillness.

Hope to see you in our studio real soon!

Pranavah Yoga Studio

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