Dragonflies Messengers of the Spirit World

Dragonflies Messengers of Spirit

Dragonflies, Messengers of the Spirit World: I received a visit from this large and beautiful dragonfly mid August. It stayed near my back door for several hours. Then, I started…

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“Be the Change That You Want to See in the World” Mahatma Gandhi


Sometimes the world feels maligned, not aligned with our values, and we suffer when we witness or experience injustice. The senseless murder of George Floyd and so many others by the very people sworn…

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Free-Donation Beginner Yoga Class Wednesdays 12:30pmPST-3:30pmEST




Hey all. I would love to offer you all a Beginner Classical Yoga Donation based class on Wednesdays at 12:30pmPST-3:30pmEST through June 2020. I will continue to offer affordable yoga and Pilates classes…

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