“Be the Change That You Want to See in the World” Mahatma Gandhi


Sometimes the world feels maligned, not aligned with our values, and we suffer when we witness or experience injustice. The senseless murder of George Floyd and so many others by the very people sworn to protect and serve us is frightening to say the least. The first principal of Yoga science is Ahimsa: nonviolence or loving kindness to oneself and others. If there is no intention ~Ahimsa~ behind your practice, it’s merely stretching and gymnastics.

Yoga also teaches us that we are not our social identity nor what we do for a living. You may have been born into a family of money, education, arts, easy life, beautiful face or body, “the right color of skin,” lots of friends or a feeling of purpose. Everyone has something and many of us have many blessings in our lives, but that doesn’t make one of us better than another. It was chance or fate… or maybe we chose our path before our incarnation to fulfill a specific purpose. We may not have all the answers at the ready, but if we know for sure are not our social identities, nor what we do for a living, then what are we? Contemplate and chew on that today.

I invite you to join me today (and for the rest of June) for a beginner donation yoga class at 12:30pmPST-3:30pmEST. Our focus will be on Ahimsa ~ Nonviolence-Loving Kindness.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Here is the link for class.~ In clicking on this link, you certify that you are healthy to do yoga, acknowledge there is inherent risk in movement and assume full risk and responsibility for any injury you may incur during  donation yoga and meditation with Carolyn McPherson of Pranavah Yoga.

Thank you and be kind to yourself and others
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