Dragonflies Messengers of the Spirit World

Dragonflies Messengers of Spirit

Dragonflies, Messengers of the Spirit World: I received a visit from this large and beautiful dragonfly mid August. It stayed near my back door for several hours. Then, I started seeing dragonflies everywhere, small ones, large ones, different colors! I saw them in the East Bay, on the Peninsula, and in San Francisco for few weeks. My maternal aunt said in Peru, “dragonflies are the messengers of good news, and that I will receive a visit.” The Bon tradition of Buddhism says in mid August the spirits of our ancestors ride the dragonflies and visit the living. Some believe the dragonflies were the souls themselves. The Japanese, Chinese, Celts and Native Americans all have myths surrounding these magical creatures that are said to travel between the world of Spirit and physical realm. Last week resting outside my back door, I saw another insect that looks like a dragonfly, but it draws it’s wings in when it rests. I also saw this insect in the backyard of a friend/client’s home around the same time. It is said that God speaks to us in symbols and language we understand. I’m still awaiting “my visit or good news,” looking for Blessings during COVID-19, there are many. Remember to count your blessings today, acknowledge them and give thanks.✨

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