Join Us for Hot Yoga Everyday & a Cool Guided Meditation Workshop in July!

Hey LIC,

It’s really hot out… and an ideal time to deepen your yoga practice. Every class is hot yoga from now until September (except for prenatal and classes with babies & tots, those are cool classes;-) If you’re not a baby or pregnant, you’ll start sweating upon entering the studio, guaranteed! We’re using this opportunity to do lots of hip openers and back bending. Back bending is great for the spine. It counteracts the hours of forward bending we do sitting at the computer, holding little ones, or just not paying attention and slouching. If you come to 3 classes you’ll feel better, if  you come to 30 classes you’ll help create new and better postural habits,  and after 3 months you’ll begin creating a new body. Please inquire about our classes through the contact page or drop by the studio.

For our cool guided meditation we’re offering you a very special Yoga Nidra workshop: We start with a gentle asana practice on our backs (no standing), pranayama, followed by and hour of guided meditation in shavasana, the “dead man’s pose.” After the asana and pranayama, we’ll move into a gentle rotation consciousness through out the body, relaxing every cell in your body. You will emerge from the practice deeply relaxed, and restored, but don’t take our word for it, please come and experience it for yourself!

This workshop is ideal for people who suffer from insomnia, high blood pressure, have trouble concentrating, or who are looking to heal the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This practice helps to unlock the creative mind. You don’t have to be a yoga practitioner to be able to do the workshop. The workshop is mostly a mental exercise; to build the muscle of the “mind.” The brain is a muscle and we need to train and strengthen it like all other muscles in our body. Yoga Nidra trains the mind for meditation, it is the segway to meditation.

The workshop is $30 and will be held on Saturday, July 27th from 4-5:30pm or Sunday July 28th from 4-5:30pm. If you sign up before July 20th, you’ll receive an early bird discount of $5 and save 20%. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Om Shanti,

Pranavah Yoga Studio




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