The Seamless Method of Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise is Finally Here!


Nine Months and 3 babies later, our online platform of The Seamless Method of Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise is here, hallelujah!

Our intention is to give new and expectant mothers the opportunity to tune into a library of top notch classes for an affordable price.

At The Seamless Method our intention is help you as new and expectant mothers to find your bliss in terms of health, wellness and fitness! We have a large variety of classes, times and ranges of styles to help you work, strengthen and lengthen any part of your body, while relaxing the pressures of the mind. Our tested classes are fun, challenging, safe and effective, and will help you to prevent or correct Diastasis Recti.

You have a choice of easy flow classes with special attention to back, neck and shoulders, connecting to your body, connecting to your baby, to core strengthening. We help you to work a little bit harder and smarter! We challenge you and meet you where you are on any given day. How you exercise or flow depends on how well rested you are and at what level of fitness, stage of pregnancy or recovery you are in. Every stage of pregnancy is different, and different for each expectant mother. Everyday is new, exciting, and unpredictable with a new baby. We have something here for everyone, so check out our new client special and test a few classes for free! There are multiple free videos online and a free trial for each new mama, have a look you’ll be happy you did!


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