Summertime: Fun Things to Do in Long Island City-New York City-Hawaii

Hello Long Island City and NYC,
Summer is a time for rest and playtime, maybe a time to pick up a new hobby or interest. We have a ton of hobbies and interests to offer you between now and Labor Day weekend!
We’re thrilled to be bringing you a thoroughly thoughtful, and mapped out children’s program we just launched… BEND THE MIND YOGA® for Kids and Tiny Tots!!! This summer program is 6 weeks long and is available twice a day for older kids 4-7 years: 12pm and 4pm Monday and Wednesdays for 6 weeks. (Kids only come once a day, but there are two classes scheduled for your convenience.) BEND THE MIND Tiny Tots® is available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-4pm. If you’re child is pushing 8 years old, he/she is still welcome our kids program! You may join us next Monday or Wednesday for a Free Class, if you enjoy the class you may enroll the same day. If you enroll now you may save 5% off 6 class package for $75!
The Bradely Method of Childbirth begins next Sunday July 10th. with Vivian Cardinale.  This amazing childbirth class will teach you everything your ever wanted to know  about childbirth. Vivian will look at all aspects of childbirth and you’ll go into your birth calm and relaxed because you’ll know what to expect. Please read more about The Bradley Method under our workshop category. The workshop is 8 weeks long, 12 session, Sunday 1:30-3:30pm, with 4 Saturday classes scheduled at the same time, 1:30-3:30pm. Cost is $450. Please see workshop page for more information, there are still a few spaces left.
Yin Yoga Training Module 1 for 200 Hour Teachers and students who wish to deepen their Yin Practice. It’s $450 for 20 glorious hours with Renee our Yin expert, and one of our teaching faculty. Dates are Friday August 12th 4:30-8:30pm, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th 12-8:30pm. Please see our Teacher Training tab to learn more about our Yin Teacher Training Module 1. You’ll receive a 20 Hour Yin Certification for Module 1 and can apply that towards your Yoga Alliance Hours or keep for yourself as a souvenir!
Ellen Norona, the beautiful girl you see in the picture above, is hosting a two hour Arm Balance Workshop on Saturday July 16th from 3:30-5:30pm. If you want to learn how to balance on your arms, come play with Ellen on the 16th! It’s $25 for 2 hours of fun: save 10% if you preregister by July 10th!
There’s still room on our Hawaiian Yoga Retreat , Aloha!!! And to sweeten the deal we’re offering you 10% off of $3300 if you pre-register by July 20th! Large private room and private bath on a private estate 5 minutes from the beach. You may bring a second person as a roommate for mere $1000 to cut costs and have vacay buddy. There are 3 course gourmet dinners cooked for you with freshest local food, 6 out of the 7 days: breakfast is included too.
We’re going to Kailua-Kona Hawaii, The Big Island! Hawaii!!! The retreat accommodates 8 people, and is 50% sold, com’n join us for yoga retreat/vacay in one of the most beautiful, zen places on earth!!! See our Yoga Retreat tab for more information.
Oh and one more thing: Fall 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training for those of you aspiring to become a yoga teacher or who just wish to deepen your practice. We have an amazing team of teachers and are so proud of our curriculum and our new teachers who graduated from our first program, that we can’t wait to do it again!!! Please see out Teacher Training Tab for more information.
Wishing you and yours a happy, fun filled 4th of July weekend! Don’t eat too many hotdogs, or you may have to visit the studio sooner than you’d like, cheers!
With the utmost love and respect,
The Pranavah Yoga Family

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