Pranavah Labor & Delivery Workshop Long Island City Saturday Sept 27th at 2pm

Have you been doing prenatal yoga, learning birth positions, movements, breath and sound, you are already establishing the muscle memory for your live birth? Are you ready to share this knowledge and prepare for the birth of your baby with your partner? The partnership and bonding that take place during labor and delivery is beyond words. Include your partner, and learn about the art of relaxation, breath and movement to help you step into the flow of your labor during our Labor and Delivery Workshop Sept 21st 2-4:30pm: A yogi’s method of relaxation, breath and movement will help facilitate your labor and birthing process. Your partner will learn learn to support you for the experience of a lifetime. He or she will learn adjustments to help you through contractions and during rest periods, remind you to breathe, time your contractions and be your advocate through the most memorable day of your life. Our Labor and Delivery workshop in Long Island City is $85 per couple. Space is limited to 8 couples. Hope to see you there!!! 

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