Patanjala Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training in Long Island City-New York City April 8th-June 25th

Hey LIC and NYC! We are thrilled to be launching a comprehensive Patanjala Yoga 200 Hr Teacher Training in April! This training is an excellent introduction to the profound teachings of Yoga. It offers insight into the beautiful and very practical philosophy underlying Yoga, and goes into depth detailing the various aspects of practice beyond Asana, such as Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation, Anatomy, and study of Philosophical Texts. The training speaks to those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga as well as to those who would like to share the teachings with others. Included in the training is 12 weeks of Unlimited Yoga Classes.
 Dates: April 8th - June 25th Fridays 6pm-9:15pm,  Saturdays 11am-9pm and Sundays 12pm -4:30pm. Early registration is available now until March 1st $2600. Tuition is $2800 if paid in full by April 1st. Trainees will receive 3 Months of Unlimited Yoga Classes as part of the training and are able to store their mats at the studio free of charge. Flexible scheduling is available for the busy Yogi, please inquire with Carolyn about possible schedule conflicts and extensions. We are here to help you succeed on your Yoga path, and as a teacher.
We have a team of highly trained teachers: Carolyn Founder and Director of Patanjala Yoga 200 Hour TT, Sat Siri Singh (Philosophy), Jessica Harrington (Anatomy & Asana), Carrie Ingoglia (Energy Body Chakras). You could read our bios on our teachers page. We’ll also have guest teachers who specialize in their fields of yoga who will make appearances throughout the training.
Our school is a Yoga Alliance registered school and as such you may use your 200 hour training to register with Yoga Alliance: the gold standard for yoga.
The training offers a thorough overview of:
  • Asana - Vinyasa-s of postures, adaptations, variations, modifications and manual adjustments for postures
  • Course Planning - How to intelligently structure a comprehensive class using the various yogic tools
  • Teaching Methodology - The art of guiding a group or an individual student
  • Pranayama - Introduction to the various breathing techniques, and pranayama course planning
  • Meditation - Yoga’s approach to focusing the mind
  • Philosophy - Study of the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita
  • Chanting - Recitation of ancient mantras
  • Anatomy - Exploration of the various anatomical structures and systems of the physical and energy body
  • Prenatal Yoga - What to take into account when teaching pregnant women
  • Subtle Anatomy - The chakra and nacho system; the energy body
  • Ethics - Guidelines about teaching yoga
  • Individualizing the Practice - How to create practices tailored towards someone’s specific needs
    If you preregister before March 1st you’ll save  $200 on 200 Hr Training. We are confident our teachers will be among the best trained in NYC and hence the nation. Don’t wait, now is the time!
    Please contact us through the contact page with any questions or inquiries you may have about our 200 Hour TT

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