Our New LIC Children’s Classes Are Such a Hit We’re Doing it Again!

Hey LIC Moms, Aunts, Nanas and Caretakers,

Our Music Classes for Babies & Toddlers on Friday morning at 10am was such a hit, we’re doing it again! For all you moms who haven’t been, your first Music Class for Babies & Toddlers is free for the month of March. Moreover, if you haven’t tried our Mom & Baby Core Yoga or Mom & Baby Pilates, pop in and your first class is on us for the month of March. We, at Pranavah Yoga Studio are a family friendly studio and are committed to your family’s growth and education no matter what age you are. While we still offer very serious and challenging classes for adults, we have lots of fun classes our tumbl’in tots, fast runners, good listeners, big kids. We will also launch our Family Yoga on Saturday mornings in Spring, 3rd week of March.

And don’t forget we’re launching an after school program in March. We’re here for you if you need a place to run around and burn off excess energy. We’ll also teach you lots of fun yoga postures, learn mind body coordination, develop listening skills, and most of all the art of relaxation. If you haven’t checked us out, don’t wait until ¬†until another week has passed, all are welcome.

Hope to see you soon!

Your Friends,

Pranavah Yoga Studio

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