Hey Moms We’re Adding Mama Core Yoga to Thursday Nights and Music Playtime on Tuesdays at 4pm!

Hey Long Island City Moms,

We’re looking for you! We’re offering a new class, exclusively for moms to regain, retrain, and strengthen their core for a full hour every Thursday night from 8:15pm-9:15pm while your little angels are sleeping. The class will launch tomorrow, April 4th and go for 8 week sessions. We guarantee you will feel the results on your first day and see the results 6-8 weeks later, just in time for Summer, woohoo! The 8 class card is 50% off for new clients and old clients and friends may re-purchase this special exclusively for the launch of our Mama Core Yoga class. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! If you already have an 8 class Prenatal & Postnatal Card, you’re welcome to join us. This is a no frills, but fun, work hard, work your butt off class. Fear not, if you miss a Thursday class, we’ll find a way for you to make it up. The 8 class Card for Mama core must be used in 60 days, card expires in 60 days. A description of our new class:

Our Mama Core Yoga class inspired by the French postpartum program “la rééducation périnéale et la rééducation abdominal” helps new mothers to re-educate their core from the ground up and the inside out. The class is designed to help mothers retrain the muscles of the pelvic floor, and the abdominal wall, while threading the class with yoga vignettes. Moms are given a full hour to focus, concentrate, build muscle strength and embody the Warrior Mom. The focus will be 100% on mom. Babes and tots are left home sleeping with dad. Make this a gift to you and your family: a strong healthy mom benefits the whole family.

If this class becomes popular, we’ll find a way to add it onto the weekend schedule, so you’ll have two opportunities to join us every week. Hope to see you there!

Also, we launched our  Kid’s Yoga 6-10 years on Thursdays at 4:15pm, thanks Hailey & Myron, you guys did great! This is an 8 class commitment for the kids and it’s not too late to sign up.

Some of you expressed an afternoon music class would be better than 10am Friday, so we’re adding a Music Playtime on Tuesdays at 4pm, for babies, toddlers and pre-k. Suzanna Bridges will be teaching the class next week, and children are drawn to her like bees to honey. She also happens to be a talented singer/kids yoga teacher. We’re thrilled to be collaborating with you Suzanna! We’re very excited to offer you this class and hope you can join us! If you have a music class card you may use it for this class. If you have a pre & postnatal class card, you may use it as an exception to try first hand the music class a few times. Hope you can all make it to our favorite new class!

PS Mama Core was a hit last night, go strong Warrior Moms! (Our other favorite new class;-), thanks Deana!

 Your Friends,

Pranavah Yoga Studio

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