Free Mother’s Day Journey of Yoga and Sacred Sounds Sunday May 10th at 9am or 5pm

Join us for a FREE Mother’s Day Journey of Yoga and Sacred Sounds. Celebrate your motherhood a space dedicated to the Divine Mother.
This is a free class celebrating your motherhood, but donations are welcome and appreciated. We’re sending donations to Hour Children Community Outreach to feed mothers and children in our LIC Community.┬áThe cycle of giving, helping, and offering is karmic, and the more you are helping and assisting others, the more you are in fact helping and assisting yourself: it may not be apparent on many levels, but with the right heart centered intention, you will reap the benefits of what you sow.
As mothers, we know you’re natura givers, so let us help to refill your well this Sunday morning at 9am or 5pm, and maybe in turn you can help another mother.
Please register online (without paying) and we’ll comp your class the same day.

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