Community Acupuncture on Saturday November 23rd, Dec 7th & 14th at 1:30pm

Dear Pranavah Kula,
We’re thrilled to introduce to you Community Acupuncture on Saturday November 23rd, December 7th and 14th with Paul Minseok Tak, a licensed acupuncturist. Paul has his own practice in NYC, but is generous enough to donate his time and expertise to help spread the knowledge, experience, and benefits of acupuncture to our community. ┬áPaul will give us a brief explanation of acupuncture, do a detox session to help balance the right and left side of the body, and will work on one additional area.
This introductory class is a donation class for $20 per visit. It’s first come first serve, so please show up a few minutes early to register and find a place in the room. If there’s enough interest, and the class is well received, you may have the opportunity to see Paul privately here at the studio or at his office in NYC.
Please share your feedback, we love to hear from you!
Joining Hands, Namaste,
Pranavah Yoga Studio

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