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Birthing From Within Childbirth Education: A Complete Childbirth Course

Birthing From Within is a complete childbirth education class that offers parents practical information about the stages and physiology of early and active labor, nutrition-mindful eating, pain coping techniques and comfort measures, pushing and the birth of the baby; what to expect from medical providers, medications, procedures, and so on….

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The Yoga Sutras: An Introduction to Indian Philosophy with Julia Shaida

The Yoga Sūtras are beautiful and concise statements about yoga. Opening the sūtras helps us open ourselves: What am I doing when I practice? Who do I identify myself to be? What is my goal? What are my obstacles? What is beyond the limits that I set myself?

Over the course…

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Relax, Restore & Elevate your Consciousness with $15 Fridays at Pranavah Yoga in Long Island City

Relax, Restore and Elevate your Consciousness with $15 Fridays: Kristin Restorative Yoga at 6pm and Kundalini Yoga with Sat Siri at 7:15pm. Satnam!

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