Awareness About Health in 2014

Since the New Year we’ve been focusing on detoxing our MindBody Systems, and I encourage all of you to do the same. A detox can lead you towards a new way of life. For example, if you eliminate processed foods for 30 days, see if you feel better after those 30 days. If you do, there’s no reason why you cannot avoid them on a regular basis.

Last week the World Health Organization released a report that predicted an increase in cancer up to 70% for the world’s population. Cancer cases are expected to surge 70% worldwide in the next 20 years, an imminent “human disaster” that will require a renewed focus on prevention, according to the World Health Organization.

Our environment is polluted: our water, ocean, air, food, but the most dangerous is psychological pollution. Purify your thoughts and mind while you purify your body and think of Mother Earth each time you act. Support companies that do not harm the earth, human beings or play God. No one is immune from Mother Nature. You cannot compartmentalize the air you breathe or the water you drink. Ask the people of West Virginia.

300,000 people in West Virginia were without drinking water about six weeks ago after an unregulated company leaked 7500 gallons of a toxic chemical, MCHM into the Elk River. There are other chemicals they leaked into the river too, but we are not privy to what they are because of privacy, patent laws…. Chemical tanks were stored on the Elk River bank, upstream from a water treatment center? How is that possible? When a few people can legally put the majority of people at risk, without penalization, something is unbalanced in our society. This does not happen in Europe. However, it happened three times in West Virginia in the past five years. The federal government allows tens of thousands of poorly tested chemicals to be used in industry, so when the World Health Organization predicts a 70% increase in cancer in the next 20 years, does it really come as a surprise you?

Is our food fit for human consumption? There’s too much information to fit it into a news letter, but what I will say is educate yourself on what you’re consuming. Are you buying organic, conventional, or conventional genetically modified foods. There are only two GMO’s crops allowed to grow in Europe where they pay for universal health care, and those crops are fed to animals. Processed foods with GMO’s are required to be labeled in the UK, and no one buys them there. GMO’s are not a thriving market as they are in the United States. The United States is the world’s leading producer of GMO crops and unlike in Europe, we don’t feed it just to animals, but to people. It’s hard to tell what you’re consuming in the US because companies are not required by law to label GMO’s, and they do not. Cancer China is called “a western man’s or a white man’s disease.”  Its true, cancer is ubiquitous in our culture. In China, 1 in 100,000 women in get breast cancer, in the UK it’s 1 in 10, in the US it’s now 1 in 3. Those numbers are staggering!!! I’m no scientist, but our genes respond to our environment.

A couple of weeks ago PepsiCo Inc., aka Subway, agreed to remove a plastic chemical called azodicarbonamide that is also used make counter tops, yoga mats and the rubber sole of your shoes, from its bread. Did you guys even think Americans were consuming plastic compounds in their Subway sandwiches… neither did I. This chemical is banned in Subway restaurants in Europe and other first world nations where they have universal health care, in fact one could be jailed for selling food with azodicarbonamide for human consumption it in Europe. However, it is used and consumed in food products, daily, here in America. According to the blogger that started a petition for Subway to remove this chemical from its bread and sandwiches, Vani Hari, Subway or PepsiCo. employees in the customer service dept. were not aware of this component. She called the company and the customer service department had no knowledge of this agent. Azodicarbonamide is known to be a carcinogen, cause respiratory problems, asthma, etc. With this knowledge that you may be eating plastic compounds, are you surprised cancer is on the rise?

PepsiCo Inc., which makes Gatorade, not too long ago put Brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, a flame retardant in its drinks to help stabilize color. Needless to say the ingredient is banned in Japan and Europe where there are universal health care systems. However the FDA, and PepsiCo. Inc. seem to think the agent is safe. Until our laws and health care system catches up with other first world nations, we have to educate ourselves about companies that sell dangerous, non food items in their food and drinks.

I believe we are what we eat, think, drink, and sleep. Our bodies take care of  us in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. Our bodies main function is to keep us healthy and balanced, and it does it every minute of every hour, every day, but when the laws and cards are stacked against you, your body may break down and get sick. It appears dis-ease is the new normal in the United States. Take care of of yourselves and support companies that do no harm to the earth or to human beings. Ahimsa, non-harming or nonviolence to other beings, is the first principle of yoga.

PS Beauty and Shampoos/Conditioners/bath wash, shower gels are also totally unregulated, because they are considered “beauty,” not hygiene. Careful what you put on your skin. Your skin is your largest organ and will absurd whatever it comes into contact with.

Take care of yourselves and watch what you eat and drink because no one including the FDA is taking care of you.  Support companies that support your, and the Earth’s well being: buy local, buy clean. Practice ahimsa everyday.

Your friends,

Pranavah Yoga Studio

PS A while back we replaced honey, for sugar, and in our search for a raw, local honey we found: Mohawk Valley Trading Co. Their honey is delicious, and there are tons and tons of health benefits to consuming honey for sore throats, colds and flus this time of year, and all year round. Their maple syrup is pretty good too! Check out the links below, cheers!!!

According to Food Safety News, most honey sold in American supermarkets is not honey. In US markets,  pollen is “frequently filtered out,” and when pollen is filtered out, one cannot determine the origin or quality of the “honey.” The FDA does not currently check for pollen content or origin. According to the World Health Organization and European Commission, “honey” without pollen is not considered honey. Once again, the FDA is once again failing quality standards set by WHO and first world nations that have universal health care. Food Safety News also discovered several “US groceries flooded with Indian honey banned in Europe as unsafe because of contamination with antibiotics, heavy metal and a total lack of pollen.” Do you see a pattern emerging here? Educate yourselves, buy local, and know what you’re consuming. No wonder cancer (and probably autism) is on the rise. For every example mentioned today, there are probably hundreds more. Be careful and take care of yourselves! Namaste. Pranavah Yoga

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