Check Out Our Summer Sale, Ditch the Hammock and Head to the Barre!!!

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here, and Pranavah Yoga is here to inspire you to get out side and get fit! Ditch the hammock and head to the bar, that is our signature Pranavah Barre Fusion Class! Our signature Pranavah Barre Fusion is a full body workout inspired by the Lotte Berk Method, Classical Ballet Barre, Joseph Pilates, Yoga and Core Training.You will increase your strength and range of motion as we blend the best of multiple disciplines into a single class. Your body will feel different after your first class. You will look different after several weeks of regular practice (4-5 times per week), and you will inhabit a new body with consistent, long term dedication. Our Pranavah Barre Fusion will inspire you to take good care of yourself in every way… so what are you waiting for?

Check out our Summer¬†Sale: Buy 10 Group Classes and receive 10 Group Classes absolutely free… that’s 10 free classes!!! You have up to 4 months to use these, that’s about 5 classes per month for you busy folks, and for those of you that are inspired for change now, use them at your earliest convenience. ¬†We also offer a buy 1 Unlimited Month and receive one Unlimited Month of Group Classes, these offers are exclusively for new clients of the studio. These packages are good for any Group Class at Pranavah Yoga: Yoga, Pilates, and our signature Pranavah Barre Fusion

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