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The Bradley Method of Childbirth Summer Session at Pranavah Yoga in Long Island City

Do you want the best start for you baby?
The Bradley Method® teaches women how to give birth naturally. The techniques are simple and effective: they are based on information about how the human body works during labor. The Bradley Method® encourages mothers to trust their bodies using natural breathing, relaxation,…

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Check Out Our Summer Sale, Ditch the Hammock and Head to the Barre!!!

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here, and Pranavah Yoga is here to inspire you to get out side and get fit! Ditch the hammock and head to the bar, that is our signature Pranavah Barre Fusion Class! Our signature Pranavah Barre Fusion is a full body workout…

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Miriam Parker at Pranavah Yoga Studio Mondays at 6pm

Check out Miriam Parker, our featured teacher of the month! Her practice and manner are sublime. If you love beautiful, therapeutic adjustments and are looking for teachings to lift you up, look no further! Miriam teaches at 6pm on Mondays, tonight, don’t miss her!

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