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Freedom in Bondage ~ Rediscover Your Personal Power

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COVID19 has irrevocably changed our lives forever. It has changed the way we live in the world, the way we move in the world, the way we see and interact with each other in the world, how we earn a living or lack of, how and where we eat, what…

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How to Find Freedom in Life During COVID19


Freedom in Life During COVID19  (more…)

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Pranavah Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Only $3900 Long Island City NY

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Join our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training one time offer for only $3900, that’s $300 off the regular price! Don’t miss an opportunity of a lifetime!

Patanjala Yoga 200 Hr Teacher Training runs April 5th-June 15th. This training is an excellent introduction to the profound teachings of Yoga. It offers insight into…

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