Pranavah Vinyasa Flow

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Pranavah Vinyasa Flow is a breath-synchronized movement system characterized by rhythmic pace and dynamic flow. The student is taught Ujjayi breath; Drishti: external, focused-steady gaze; and Bandhas: energy conservation locks. Each Vinyasa teacher designs a series of breath-connected asanas /postures that focus the mind and challenge the body. Inhale and exhale cues inform the movement of asanas called “vinyasas.” These sequenced groupings of asanas vary from class to class. The emphasis of the synergy of breath and motion, along with a deliberate ordering of postures builds flexibility, strength and range of motion. As the breath and body coordinate, the mind improves clarity and focus. Vinyasa Yoga cultivates an ability to move skillfully from asana to asana, leading to a sense of well-being and mastery over the body. A Vinyasa class may begin with Sanskrit chanting, meditation or yoga philosophy, followed by a warm-up and heating sequence. Sun Salutations typically begin the asana practice. The class builds to an invigorating variety of intelligently sequenced vinyasas, and then winds down with a less intense cooling period, closes with the final resting posture – Savasana. Throughout class, the breath is the guide for both pace and movement counted out loud or silently by the teacher. Vinyasa teachers are trained to assist students in variations and/or modifications of the postures. Blocks and belts are sometimes used to adapt postures and insure correct alignment and safe practice. Your teacher will bring his or her own creativity to the class. Music, poetry and playful class themes along with traditional teachings weave a unique blend of challenge and fun for all levels of yoga practitioners.