Pranavah Relax, Restore & Reintegrate

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Pranavah Yoga we offer you a sumptuous class of pure relaxation, and meditative postures to help bring you back and restore you to your natural state of health. In fact, our wish is not merely to restore you, but to improve your state of health over time, so that your natural state of health gradually improves with your yoga practice. Restorative Yoga increases the relaxation response in the mindbody system. The postures, breath, and relaxation techniques are skills you will learn to gain control over your body’s healing mechanisms. Restorative Yoga is a generous gift to yourself. It has more in common with the more advanced practices of yoga as it invites you to withdraw the senses and to be (in the postures for extended period of time). When you withdraw the senses, you are invited a cursory look at your breath, to study it, follow it, without altering it. Sometimes a teacher will invite you to do pranayama that will further the relaxation response. To be physically relaxed and mentally alert is the segway for all spiritual inquiry and meditation. Moreover, Restorative Yoga has broad health benefits like reduced physical & emotional pain, insomnia. Your energy will increase while your fatigue decreases at an equal rate. Your mind will be clear, while your mental creativity increases. Most importantly, you will emerge from the class like you’ve been brought back to a better, former, familiar “original state.” Don’t take our word for it, please come and experience it for yourself.