Iyengar Yoga

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Iyengar Yoga is ever evolving in Pune, India. Iyengar’s ¬†family continue to teach in fresh and exciting ways. They test theories and different approaches to teaching, then these new methods are then disseminated throughout the Iyengar community. Iyengar pioneered the use of props: blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters, etc. to make yoga accessible to all people, young and old. Those who are new to yoga or new to the Iyengar method should begin with a Level I or Fundamentals class. In Level I classes standing poses are emphasized in order to develop strength, learn actions to create a sense of direction within the postures, hone one’s balance and cultivate a connection between the limbs and trunk. Inversions, seated forward bends, twists and rudimentary back-bends are introduced. In Level II classes, headstand is taught along with deeper backbends. Level II asanas are refined with more nuanced instructions. Students must be proficient in Level I before coming to a Level II class.