The Seamless Method of Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise

Prenatal Yoga Pilates
The Seamless Method of Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise helps new and expectant mothers to exercise in a variety of ways in a totally safe environment, while preparing your mind and body for labor and birth. This Seamless Method helps new and expectant mothers to maintain muscular strength throughout their pregnancy and postpartum through specific breathing exercises and movements -yoga -barre- and or fusion classes.  The Seamless Method helps new and expectant mothers to build body awareness, increase their flexibility and maintain strength their powerhouse, the transverse abdominus and pelvic floor. New and expectant moms can expect to open tight, toned hips and alleviate common low back pain. Our classes offer you a intelligent sequences that will help you connect to your growing baby while maintain your health and fitness, MindBody connection. You will learn ancient breathing techniques to calm & focus the mind for labor & birth, while alternate breathing techniques to strengthen the transverse abdominus and help protect against, or heal diastasis recti. Diastasis Recti is very common in pregnancy and postpartum, but not in Carolyn’s classes! 7-8 of 10 women who come to her studio without her prenatal instruction have diastasis, only 1 in 10 who return to postnatal exercise, who took her prenatal classes in studio, as instructed, get diastasis recti, that’s a pretty remarkable number!  She often does a DR check before core work is offered and uses her discretion for modifications if necessary. Her private and faithful clients do not have diastasis, time and time again they emerge from pregnancy strong and are often in their pre pregnancy clothes within 2-3 weeks of delivery. But don’t take our word for it, come see try our classes for yourself. This class is taught by expert instructor Carolyn McPherson: a Childbirth Educator, Dona trained Doula, Certified Yoga/ Pilates instructor and Founder of Pranavah Yoga, Classic Barre Technique and The Seamless Method  Carolyn, fully understands the physiology of prenatal and postnatal bodies and offers you a wide variety of poses, modifications, that will help you maintain your strength and flexibility, and range of motion. We hope to serve you through your pregnancy in our many pre and postnatal classes: Classic Barre Technique , Prenatal Yoga, the Seamless Method, and Childbirth Education.
Your diet, multiple babies, and other activities outside of the studio may influence whether your get diastasis or not, be sure to follow Carolyn’s suggestions in your efforts for a diastasis free pregnancy. Thank you & Namaste