Our methods

All of our methods at Pranavah Yoga are a form of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga, the medieval” limb of yoga, in Sanskrit means Sun “Ha” and Moon, “Tha.” Hatha Yoga is a discipline that harnesses the Sun and Moon energy currents inside and outside the body to invoke the powerful Kundalini force. The journey of Hatha Yoga is taught systematically from the physical form to the subtle, without form. In addition to asana practice, Hatha Yoga has developed kriya techniques for cleansing the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and pranayama, breathing techniques to quiet the mind and balance the energy currents within/out the body. Hatha Yoga begins by purifiying and toning the physical body. Discipline and a nutritionally healthy and physically adept body are the prerequisites for dharana (concentration) & dhyana (meditation): delving deeper into higher emotional and mental states. Hatha Yoga cultivates discipline & concentration that sows the seeds for meditation for the yoga practitioner. One’s ability to concentrate and meditate allows for the sadhaka to spontaneously experience a blissful state, absorbed in the One: Samadhi. All of our yoga practices at Pranavah Yoga are a form of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is like the Latin language of Yoga. Various forms of yoga teachings have evolved from the original Hatha practice. We owe our present day yoga practice to an ancient sage named Patanjali. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, he describes the eight limbs or branches that make up the tree of Hatha Yoga: ethical discipline, self-discipline, physical firmness and ease, breath awareness, inner awareness, concentration, meditation & Samadhi: Moksha or freedom & liberation from the confines of the personality.

Hatha Yoga physical practice disciplines and trains the mind & body. Once we make the mind & body healthy and strong, we take that discipline and learn more advanced yoga practices to harness the mind, such as pranayama, self study, concentration & meditation, seeking liberation from the chains of the personality and physical. Hatha is a term that refers to a body of yogic practices that combines posture (asana), breath control (pranayama), and seals and locks (bhandas) as a means of stilling the mind. It is the beginning of one’s yogic journey. There are different types of Hatha Yoga available in our studio listed below:

Pranavah Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a set of sequential asanas developed by Pattabhi Jois, the guru of Ashtanga Yoga.

Pranavah Yoga

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is ever evolving. In Pune, India, the Iyengar & his family continue to teach in fresh and exciting ways.

Pranavah Yoga

TKV Desikachar Yoga

TKV Desikachar is the son and student of the legendary Sri T. Krishnamacharya, and the founder of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM).

Pranavah Yoga

Pranavah CandleLight Yoga

Pranavah Candle Light Yoga is just what your body needs to release the stress of the week.

Pranavah Yoga

Dharma Yoga

Sri Dharma Mittra developed and refined a style of yoga that was taught to him by his guru, Sri Swami Kailashananda Maharaj. Dharma Yoga is a classical form of Raja Yoga, or the path of introspection.

Pranavah Yoga

Pranavah Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is a breath-synchronized movement system characterized by rhythmic pace and dynamic flow. The student is taught Ujjayi breath;

Pranavah Yoga

Pranavah Prenatal Yoga & Pilates/Mama Core Yoga/Mom & Baby Yoga

Pranavah Prenatal Yoga & Pilates/Mama Core Yoga/Mom & Baby Yoga : Enjoy yoga in a safe, supportive environment while learning postures and exercises specifically suited to new and expectant mothers.

Pranavah Yoga

Pranavah Silent Yoga

Our Pranavah Silent Yoga class is a silent flow, a meditation in motion. The class moves in sync, as a collective one, following the teacher. The synergy of breath and motion is powerful and unavoidable.

Pranavah Yoga

Hot/ Warm Equatorial Yoga

Keeping the breath based Vinyasa Yoga as our staple, our Hot/Warm Yoga classes focus on the synchronization of breath and movement. In a hot/warm environment muscles, ligaments, and tendons may stretch more than in a temperate environment.

Pranavah Yoga

Mat Pilates/ Pilates Fusion

Pilates Mat will transform your body from the inside out. This mat class focuses on strengthening and stabilizing core muscle groups.

Pranavah Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is another form of Hatha Yoga that uses hatha and kriya techniques to cleanse the mindbody system and purify the energetic body.

Pranavah Yoga

Pranavah Relax, Restore & Reintegrate

Pranavah Yoga we offer you a sumptuous class of pure relaxation, and meditative postures to help bring you back and restore you to your natural state of health.


Pranavah Peanut Yoga

Pranavah Yoga’s after school program offers LIC children a place to spend built up energy in a in a constructive and productive way, learning the art of yoga. We offer 3 different level’s of after school yoga for children and young teens: