Pranavah Silent Yoga

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Our Pranavah┬áSilent Yoga class is a silent flow, a meditation in motion. The class moves in sync, as a collective one, following the teacher. The synergy of breath and motion is powerful and unavoidable. The silent meditation in motion helps one to harness one’s concentration on the asana practice, breath and the Eternal Now. Space and prana become more evident as one listens to the silence. In Nada Yoga, one listens to internal and external sounds, sounds heard and sounds not heard. According to the ancient yogis, the transcendental sound of Nada Brahman, is the sound seed of the manifested world, from gross to subtle. In Silent Yoga we are listening for the seed sound, the inner vibration, the chidakasha. Complete absorbtion in the inner sound makes one oblivious to the external sounds, and leads to meditation. Use your practice as a segway to meditation.