Classical Pilates with a Twist

Pilates Stability Ball Blast

Pilates will transform your body from the inside out. Our mat class focuses on strengthening and stabilizing core muscle groups by doing a variety of vignettes, including the abdominal series. Some classes utilize rings, big balls, small balls and other props to help you further access your muscular energy. The classes are fun, fluid and energizing. The Pilates principles of concentration, control, centering, flow, precision, &  breath are similar to yoga, and are a great compliment to any mind body practice. Class note: Mat Pilates classes will be strictly Pilates, but we also offer a Core Pilates Fusion, Pranavah Barre Method, Pilates Stability Ball Blast class listed on the schedule.  Our Core Pilates Fusion is a high energy, body sculpting, full body work out. It is inspired by Joseph Pilates, Body Sculpting, and Core Training. We use weights, big and small balls, bands, magic circles, and your own body weight as resistance. This class will keep you burning calories long after the class is over! You will feel the difference in your body the very next day. You will see the difference in your body 6-8 weeks later (of regular practice). The disciplined person will have a different body 6-8 months later: you will increase in strength and range of motion… but regular practice is necessary!