Melissa Fernandez Evans

Carolyn has been my Vinyasa yoga instructor for the last 3 years. That alone says a lot. I always look forward to practicing with Carolyn. Her sessions continue to challenge and rejuvenated me, helping my over all flexibility and strength. Carolyn is extremely knowledgeable in a variety of areas of yoga and is such a great inspiration and motivator, plus she genuinely cares about your well being. Her enthusiasm alone is infectious. Carolyn also recently taught me pre-natal yoga when I was expecting my first child. Carolyn not only got me through a very uncomfortable and nervous time, but inspired me to go all natural. Using Carolyn’s pre-natal techniques I was able to help speed up my labor and delivery, which proudly lasted under 3 hours. I also was able to endure a no-drug delivery. My recovery too was fast and easy. I like to think Carolyn preps moms-to-be to become Warrior Moms! I felt like one! Prenatal yoga helped me physically by staying fit, and mentally by prepping me for a healthy over-all pregnancy, speedy labor and delivery and quick recovery. Once i get my doctor’s clearance, I look forward to getting back to Carolyn’s Vinyasa yoga and mommy and baby classes in the coming weeks. I miss it terribly! We can’t wait to try Music Playtime for Babies and Toddlers too, oh joy!!!