Yumi Rodriguez

Yumarlin Rodriguez, otherwise known as Yumi, is a small yogi with a very big heart. Yumi has a deep love of traveling, exploring, and all things nature. When she isn’t bending her body every which way, she can be found at the veterinary clinic where she works as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, or at the biology lab where she assists with biological research. Yumi is also a visual artist and photographer and a firm believer that any thing can be accomplished as long as it is allowed the time, dedication, patience, and understanding — and that such internal strength will improve any situation.
Her first encounter with yoga was several years ago when she was feeling out of sorts, and it is with yoga that she was able to find peace again. She recently completed Pranavah Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training and loves being on her yogic journey.
Yumi places believes mental health stimulates all things in one’s life to rise to its unlimited potential.