Music Class for Babies and Toddlers Free for New Clients 3/31/3015: Music Exploration for 1.5-3.5 Years 3/31 Free to New Clients

Hey Moms, We’re adding a 9:30am Music Class for Babies and Toddlers in Spring:┬áMusic Playtime for Babies & Toddlers will give your child a chance to learn and explore the…

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La Leche League Meeting 11:15am-12:45pm Thursday March 12th at Pranavah Yoga Studio

The La Leche League is launching its monthly meeting at Pranavah Yoga Studio this Thursday March 12th at 11:15am for $5 Donation. This meeting is led by an accredited Board…

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American Sign Language for Babies and Tots Level 1 and Level 2 March 4th-April 24th

Check out our Free Class on March 4th!

Learn to communicate to your baby through our Baby & Toddler American Sign Language Workshop. Babies as young as 2 months old can…

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